Zein's Story - Experiencing racism in London

Meet Zein…he’s a teenager growing up in London. He moved to the UK when he was 4 when his family escaped the war in Somalia. Most of his mates are British, and Zein is now a British citizen, so it really upsets him that he is constantly stopped and searched by the police. His white friends are never stopped. Experiencing racism every day is really hard for Zein when all he wants is to do well at school and go to uni. Read what happens to him here....

This story was produced in collaboration with the Open Society Foundations (OSF) as part of a series of fourteen comics, based on personal testimonies, to highlight integration issues of the Somali communities across seven cities of Europe - London, Leicester, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Malmo, Oslo and Helsinki.

The focus of the project was to accompany the OSF policy research on the same subjects and locations and to engage a wide, general audience and challenge negative media stereotyping of the Somali community.



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