Who backs Why Comics?

Why Comics? is backed by the award-winning non-profit PositiveNegatives.  PositiveNegatives has been producing literary comics and animations about contemporary social and human rights issues, including conflict, migration and asylum since 2012. They combine ethnographic research with illustration and photography, adapting personal testimonies into art, advocacy and education materials.

PositiveNegatives has worked extensively with a range of organisations such as The Guardian, Open Society Foundations (OSF), BBC, The Nobel Peace Centre, Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and the United Nations (UN), and with leading academic institutions such as; Harvard South Asia Centre, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) and University of Sussex.

Narratives are adapted directly from first-hand interviews. Illustrations are based on photographs taken during field research. Names and identifying characteristics are altered, and testimony is rendered anonymous, freeing contributors to be candid even when discussing topics that are sensitive or have security implications.

PositiveNegatives adapt and dramatise the stories they are told but endeavour to convey their respondent’s experiences accurately. Where possible, draft scripts and illustrations are delivered to respondents for consultation before the work is committed to, ensuring that it is their story, not our adaptation of it. 

Please contact info@positivenegatives.org if you would like any more information or are interested in commissioning PositiveNegatives.

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