Dana's Flight

Meet Dana… After Dana’s husband was kidnapped and presumed killed by ISIS she was forced to flee her home in Manbij, Syria, with her two young children. This is her story.

Dana and her children began their journey by starting the long walk to Turkey. This was just the beginning. They paid thousands of dollars to smugglers and risked their lives to travel to Greece in a dingy. On arrival in Greece, Dana and her children made a number of attempts to reach Vienna in Austria. They were arrested seven times in Macedonia and each time they were sent straight back to Greece. They faced abuse at the hands of both smugglers and police, and used almost all the money Dana had remaining.

Dana and her children eventually reached Serbia. We interviewed Dana in a refugee camp. Dana and her children are waiting to be allowed through the border to Hungary, where they will continue their journey.

Dana's Story was kindly Commissioned by CARE International UK.

Discussion Points

  1. What are your initial thoughts and feelings after reading Dana’s Story?

  2. Why did Dana have to leave Syria?

  3. Do you think Dana is a migrant (someone who moves find work or better living conditions) or a refugee (someone fleeing conflict, persecution, or natural disasters)? Why?

  4. What would you do if you found yourself in Dana’s position?

  5. How do you think Dana feels now?

  6. What do you think it is like to leave your country, family and friends?

  7. What could governments do to prevent stories like Dana’s?

  8. Has Dana’s story effected the way you think about refugees and asylum seekers?

  9. How does Dana’s story compare to stories you have read in the media?

  10. How are you different, and similar to Dana?

  11. How can we help to integrate refugees and asylum seekers into our communities?



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